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Financial assistance available for person's receiving state benefits

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I'm Rebecca Stapleton, An Expert in Decluttering and Organising.

I help people and businesses find new ways to improve the environment they live and work in.


 I provide assistance with decluttering, cleaning, organising and handywoman services. For homes and businesses to improve their productivity and efficiency. I am also a Space Planner that can redesign your space to fit your needs. My services are for anyone within London and the surrounding areas.


If you want to increase visibility and attract more customers to your business. I'll help to improve product placements and deliver a well thought out shop layout. I offer a range of services and will also source other services and products when required. 

"When you free your surroundings of clutter, you will also free your mind of clutter and life will become much clearer"

(Rebecca Stapleton @ theorganisedlady)

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My Services

Save Time, Money and Space


I provide a professional, discreet, compassionate and non-judgmental service. Working closely with every individual to revolutionise their life and reduce the anxiety that sometimes is associated with just the thought of decluttering.


The aim is to provide outstanding customer service and include as much fun in the decluttering and organising process as possible to achieve the best results. Also providing a speedy but thorough service, with the goal to provide the highest standards. Every declutter client will learn something new from a declutter session and will feel a sense of achievement. Having a clutter free environment will not only make you feel more in control but will also create a welcoming place to enjoy.

Clients receive free follow-up calls 

Space Planning


As a room rearranging specialist, I find solutions to save you space. Providing assistance with the placing of furniture and personal items into better positions. I can also arrange other services for you, if needed.

Clear Clutter


The main focus is to give you the space you desire. This means helping to clean, sort, tidy and get rid of unwanted clutter and free up as much space as possible.

In Order


A paper management service is available. I can organise and arrange a filing system that is easy to access and maintain. Labels are available and files will be provided, if needed.

Declutter and Organising Services


Closet (Wardrobe/Drawer) Organising


Storage Cupboard Organising


Pantry Organising​


Relocation Organising and Packing Assistance


Paper Sorting and Filing

Office Organising


Desk Setup


Nursery - Children's Room (organise clothes, toys and play area)


Bookcase - Shelf Organising​


Kitchen Organising


Fridge Organising

Bathroom Organising


Garage - Garden Shed Organising



Home Makeovers

Business Product Placement - Shop Layout Service

Personal Assistant 


Coaching and Mentoring Sessions (long-term hoarding solutions)


Home Staging

Organising Workshops (coming soon)

Additional help maybe required when tackling other projects, for example;

Relocation Services

Large Projects (short deadline)



Service Prices


Declutter and Organising Session£30 per hour -Includes free video call consultation, free in person consultation within central London (30 min journey time from North London only or £30 charge which includes a action plan), travel time of up to 1 hour to the property, advice, decluttering, organising, cleaning, rearrange furniture, handywoman services, cleaning products, assistance with sales of items, disposal of rubbish into clients bins, recycling (sourcing rubbish collection or skip hire at an additional charge from an external company) and charity shop drop offs - if deep cleaning is needed or additional storage solution products are needed, an additional cost will be added to the invoice.

Basic handywoman Services: Included in a declutter and organise session, if needed (such as furniture assembly, hangings, shelves installation and more)

Cleaning for existing clients: price starts from £15 per hour (price depends on the type of cleaning)

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: price starts from £50 (depends on size and material)


TV Mounting: price starts from £40 (depends on size and assistance with hanging)

Online Declutter and Organising Coaching Sessions: £20 per hour

Home Makeovers: price depends on work needed (starts from £35 per hour for decluttering and organising - includes cleaning, space planning, assembling, fitting, sourcing and buying items and furniture - Decorating and material costs excluded)


(Advice on home improvements and suggested tradesmen given to clients, if needed)

Relocation Service£30 per hour (services are tailored to the need of the client, moving homes or business premises. Getting things unpacked, cleaned, organised, space planning -room layout, assembling furniture. Relocate with less hassle and have things organised, cleaned and tidied, ready to use) 

Personal Coaching and Mentoring Session£40 per hour (Includes one-to-one advice, support, guidance, life organising coaching, declutter and organising service, removal of unwanted items*, space planning, personalised long-term action plan and aftercare)

Personal Assistant£25 per hour (Includes domestic help, home filing reorganisation, assembling furniture, household planning and assistance, room organising for events, reminder service and more)

Retail Service: £35 per hour (includes space planning, product placement, shop layout advice, decluttering, organising)

House Staging: price start from £35 per hour (includes advice and purchasing of furniture and furnishings*, cleaning, organising, space planning and styling)

(minimum 2 hour sessions)

£5 discount per hour for persons receiving state benefits

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm (later hours are available)

 An additional £5 per hour above the standard rate will be charged for any late evenings (after 8 pm), Night Work, Sundays and Bank Holidays (available on Saturdays at usual rates) - please ask for more information


*The removal of unwanted items are included in a session but will depend on the amount of rubbish that needs to be discarded. If what needs to be discarded includes furniture and other large items, it will need to be taken to the local dump for disposal and this will include an additional charge. Rubbish collection can also be arranged through your local Authority for a fee. Unless in receipt of housing benefit, then it is free of charge for a certain amount of items, it depends on the borough.

*Discount excludes Sunday, Bank holiday, Evening, Night Work and Online Sessions.

*A deposit of £30 may need to be paid before a declutter and organise session begins. A minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice is required (otherwise the deposit maybe forfeited) Clients will be informed of any changes to an appointment before a session is due to begin.

*If you believe that you would just like some assistance and it will not last more than an hour feel free to ask, if possible a revised price will be decided.

*Home Staging - starts at £35 per hour price depends on the size and location of the property

A project maybe cancelled or suspended, if Rebecca or the client is not satisfied with the direction the project is heading. If work has already begun, then the outstanding balance will be due and any deposits paid will be refunded

Corporate Organising Services

Help is available to increase space and eliminate inefficiencies within storage systems, desks, cubicles and the entire office. Even though the world is full of computers that can store a great deal of information, there is still a need for paper files and it has to be kept in good order.

In addition to providing office solutions, advice and tips I offer the opportunity to work on a one-to-one bases with employees to help them with organising of their workload and time management. By finding any problems they're facing and providing on the spot solutions. Working closely with employees to help them declutter and organise their desk space and files. I can also help employees design and operate a system that works well for them and that they can stick to.

Office Declutter

Assistance with office clear-outs, clearing clutter throughout all departments or the entire building. Ensuring that all important documents, files, CD's, DVD's, USB etc. are filed properly. Helping with the clearing of clutter in all areas and reorganising storage cabinets, shelves, cupboards and checking that all files are labelled correctly. In addition, we can declutter digital files that are no longer needed and sort them into a better system that is easy use and monitor.

Office Set Up

Set up an office, ready for it's new tenants to settle in with ease. Create a well thought out office layout that is simple to maintain and one that will function well with any tenant. 

Relocation Service

This service is to provide a smooth transition from one location to another. With the specific goal of getting you decluttered before the big move to your new offices. Helping you decide what to bring along with you and what you need to leave behind. Helping you to move as stress free as possible, saving you from moving with excess luggage. Whether you are moving abroad, downsizing, moving to larger premises or moving locally. I will provide as much support and assistance as needed.

Once you have relocated I can assist with the office layout and unpacking, then get your new office set up for you. Making sure that desks, storage units and filing cabinets are organised before employees arrive and business proceeds.

Prices: £40 per hour 

Let's Get Organised


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"Thank you so much for organising my work cupboard. It was a nightmare but now you have organised it into areas, its much easier to find stock in a hurry. You did it all in less than an hour, so glad you was doing it as it would have taken me all day. Also thank you for the tips on how to maintain it and your storage suggestions.

Definitely will recommend you to friends and family as I know a lot of people who need your service.


Georgina Matheson, Hackney, London. UK

"I was really impressed by the high level of service. My organiser Rebecca was quick, efficient and very friendly! I will recommend this to anyone who needs a bit of help moving things around. Absolutely worth every penny!!!"

Binta Diarra, Haringey, London. UK

"Being a teacher means you often end up bringing home books, papers and other work. My lounge had become an extension of my classroom. When Rebecca said she could sort it out, I thought she was crazy and it would take forever. 

Rebecca was very professional, sensitive and understanding, whilst rearranging and tidying my lounge. This was important to me, as she was handling some private and important documents. 

What a transformation, it was fantastic and it didn't take forever just a few hours. I will definitely be letting the other teachers, friends and family know about her services."

Natasha, Hackney, London. UK

"I would like to say thank you Rebecca for the support you have given me. I have been suffering with depression and other illnesses over the last few years. This made me physically/mentally drained. I was unable to focus and keep up with the housework like I used to do. Although my place was reasonable, I still had serious issues that needed addressing. Apart from my health I was still looking for work in which I was not ready for but told that I was fit for work.

I was advised to address and improve my health first and start decluttering my mind, body, and spirit, and then to get professional help, because I felt like I was a hoarder in my home. In which I physically and mentally found it hard to do.

Therefore I was given Rebecca's number and I referred myself. We eventually met up, I showed Rebecca the issues in my home and she went over all the issues in detail and gave me some real positive advise that helped me to look more deeply and accept that I really needed help.

Although I had problems in all the rooms, Rebecca saw that my cupboard was the main place to start. It was over filled with rubbish, things from my past, things from the last place I lived in. It was packed from bottom to top and I had no room to even store any more things. Therefore Rebecca decided to come back and start from the over filled cupboard.

When Rebecca started I was embarrassed, shocked, amazed, emotional and other feelings. Didn’t realise that I had so much unwanted stuff in that one space. Every time something came out of that space I felt relieved or less stressed. Rebecca was so good, her energy and enthusiasm was amazing. It took hours but from when she started to the finish she kept me going and explained why, what and how. She was determined to throw out all the rubbish and we decided to keep things that I could still use. I can’t remember how much black bags we used, but I had to contact the council to help to collect all different items such as clothes, furniture and out of date things, it was a rollercoaster experience and I really needed Rebecca to start from there. When she finished I was able to open the cupboard without any thing dropping out and it has room to still put things in there if I want to. I can breathe better and I am ready to take time and address the rest of my home."

Sandra Edwards, East London. UK

"Great job Rebecca! Thanks for organising my cupboard, you provided a professionally speedy service"


Jennifer, North London. UK