About Me

My name is Rebecca Stapleton, I was born in the early 1980's and raised in East London. I am a Professional Organiser, Clutter Consultant and Coach. Working throughout London and surrounding areas. Providing guidance, advice and practical help in creating the perfect environment for people to enjoy their home and work life. While also helping people improve their organisational habits. My degree within the School of Architecture and the Built Environment has extended my knowledge in the use of space, design and layout. Which I use when helping my clients create the home or business environment they desire. My services includes researching the best value for money products and additional services, which maybe required to complete a project.

From as far back as I can remember, I have always been interested in how my room looked and felt. I would sort and tidy my room and put everything in a special place. If someone decided to move something without my permission, I would get upset and throw a tantrum. I know, I was way too extreme but I just hated an untidy room and wanted everything to look a certain way. This went on for years and I just grew up not wanting anything out of place. Basically, every possession I owned had a place to stay or a home to be precise. Neat and tidy is the way I liked it and I am still that way today.


Accept now, I have three children to take care of and they are definitely not anything like me. So I needed to find a different approach to help my children keep things in order. Yes this meant a lot of trial and error but I finally came up with ideas and found the right organising products to make life that much easier. I would like to share these ideas with anyone that needs it and is ready to make positive changes to their lives. I will help to increase space and restore order by using the knowledge I have gained over the years.

I have an eye for detail which can sometimes be annoying when out and about. As I sometimes want to change the layout of things that look out of place, but that's just me I suppose. Adjusting and positioning maybe the least to some people but for me it can make a huge difference in presentation and how the space you have available can be used in the best way possible. 

Even though some people may say I'm obsessed with neatness and yes that may be the case, it does have its benefits. At least I'm able to find almost any item I own quickly. Especially when you need to find an important document in a short space of time or just locate your car keys.

Let me help you get organised.