Code Of Ethics & Privacy Policy

The highest level of service will be offered to each and every client. 


I promise to treat every customer with respect and dignity.


I promise to be trustworthy, discreet and non-judgemental.


I will always listen to the customers views and suggestions before offering any alternatives and other ways to improve a project.


I will give advice and support of every customer.


I will maintain every customers confidentiality at all times.


I will provide a service of integrity and honesty.


I will let values guide all actions.


I promise that if anything were to go wrong, the situation will be addressed directly and immediately.


I will treat every customer fairly.


I will make sure all work is completed to the customers satisfaction.

I promise to complete all services to the highest level to meet and exceed customers needs.

Private Beach

By accessing and using The Organised Lady website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this online privacy policy, as outlined below.

Collection of Personal Information

When using The Organised Lady website you may want to make contact through the contact page by submitting a contact request form. Providing your personal details in order for you receive more information about services is totally optional. Personal information required, may include your name, email address, telephone number and the relevant information regarding your current situation.


The Organised Lady website collects information to support any enquiry. The information you provide is kept to inform you of any interests you may have indicated on the form. Only if you would like to receive further information regarding any services. Any information given, will never be shared or sold. It will be kept private unless you give permission for it to be given to a third party.


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