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What is including in a Declutter and Organising Session

Following on from the initial point of contact and after a quick chat, a free consultation will be arranged. This can be done via a Skype, Imo, WhatsApp or FaceTime video call, or a home visit depending on where the customer is located. The consultation may last for a duration of fithteen minutes or up to one hour, depending on the discussion. Any journey further than one hour from Rebecca's location in London will incur a £10 charge for every five miles past the hour. 

The necessary research of relevant companies within a particular area will be done if needed, such as furniture collection, rubbish collection, recycling, charity shops, antique shops and support with selling stuff. Depending on the amount of cleaning needed I provide a tidy up service that may include wiping, dusting, polishing and hoovering of the areas that are being organised. We provide cleaning products to achieve a clean and tidy new use of space at no extra cost. If there is a need for specialist cleaner, handyman or any other service then that can be arranged for you.


To begin each consultation, there would be a relaxed chat regarding a clients particular circumstances. This starts with a few questions about what it is they would like to achieve. Getting to see what the client needs help with is also something that maybe necessary to get a better understanding of what would be needed to get the job done and to give an estimated time of completion. This will also help to contemplate any challenges that may occur. After further discussion and whatsoever advice has been considered, we will then decide on the best way to get started. A finalised action plan will help us find a way forward that reflects a clients personality, needs, style and way of living. An action plan will be created once a client has decided to book the first two hourly sessions ( a deposit may need to be paid)


Declutter and Organising


I arrive approximately 10 -15 minutes before the session begins to prepare for the session ahead of time. It is important to work closely together to clear and sort each item before it can be given a new home. Helping you decide on what you want to keep, sell, donate, fix, recycle or throw away. It is totally the clients decision on how much of an input they want to give. Once we have sorted each item into it's relevant category, I am then able to take control but will need the go ahead from the client before organising everything and finding a suitable place for each item. Each client has different requirements, so it depends on the workload  and how long it takes us to make decisions to complete a project.

Booking a session


I work on a pay as you go basis, with the option of booking block sessions for a full day or an entire week. It just depends on how much work needs to be done. Most clients like to book an initial two hour session first, which is charged by the hour. Prices vary depending on the service required. Sessions get booked up quite quickly so it's best to book a few sessions at a time.


*Properties with parking restrictions, should allow enough time to provide a visitors parking permit if not already purchased


*Delving through boxes, containers, bags, folders, drawers, cupboards and other storage furniture's is necessary.