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Get Things In Order And Create More Space

Is clutter stressing you out? Are you a hoarder? Is someone you know a hoarder? Do you find that keeping organised is a challenge? Do you want to clear your home or office of unwanted or unnecessary clutter? Do you sometimes forget what items you have in your home? Have you misplaced any valuable or sentimental items? Do you feel like your drowning in paper? Are you getting ready to move and don't know what to keep or what to throw away? Are you ready to make some changes in your life? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

I can help you get organised and make life that much easier.

If you would like to increase the space within your home, I can assist you in creating a more functional use of space. Finding as many solutions to your situation and choosing the one that fits your needs. Larger rooms tend to accumulate a great deal of clutter and can end up being a dumping ground. We can clear as much clutter as possible and give you a brand new use of space.

Clutter around the home or workplace may not just effect the use of space but can also be a health an safety hazard. For instance, if clutter is blocking an exit it may create a fire hazard and also obstruct your escape route. So the importance of keeping a building clear of clutter is a serious matter that needs to be tackled. Clutter can sometimes make it very difficult to keep the place clean, as it can be hard to reach certain areas. So it's best to tackle clutter before it becomes overwhelming and stressful. 

Clutter can be accumulated from a number of reasons and in some cases there is an underlying factor that has triggered many people to collect and hold on to things for years. This may lead to hoarding, which is the acquisition of, and failure to discard of possessions. This can sometimes be something many people shy away from and feel somewhat embarrassed about. As a professional organiser I specialise in dealing with the route cause of the problem, to discover ways in which to end the cycle causing this disorder. By listening, acknowledging and identifying the problem we can them make a breakthrough. I provide the support and guidance needed to make positive minset and lifestyle changes. Making sure that no pressure is used but also, still being firm with a goal in mind. I want each client to feel relaxed and comfortable and open to receiving help.


Help is available to create more space by clearing anything you no longer need and finding suitable places for all of your possessions. With support and hands on assistance to help you change certain habits you may have adopted over the years. By teaching you new ways to keep things neat a tidy and helping you remain clutter free.