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Estimated Time

Every organising project will never be the same. So the time it takes to complete a declutter project depends on the existing level of clutter. This will all have an effect on how long the project takes and can only be estimated by experience.


Estimating from similar projects and the authorisation time needed for clients to decide what they want to do with each item;

Small-Medium Storage Cupboard 1-4 hours

Medium- Large Storage Cupboard 3-7 hours

Paperwork (1 bin bag) 1-2 hours to sort and 1-2 hours to file and/or shred

Small Walk in Closet 1-3 hours

Medium Walk in Closet 2-5 hours

Large Walk in Closet 3-6 hours

Small Bedroom 3-5 hours

Medium Bedroom 5-7 hours

Large Bedroom 8-11 hours

Small/Medium Living Room 4-8 hours

Large Living Room 7-12

Large Car Garage 6-13 hours

Medium Basement (500 sq ft) 14-20 hours