Tidy Closet

Cluttered Rooms

No matter what condition your rooms are in, I can help you get things in order and give you additional support. I can help you tidy, sort and clear out cupboards, drawers and find suitable homes for each and every possession. Helping you to let go of things you no longer use or need and create more space for the things that actually bring you joy. Maximising space and placing furniture in the best possible positions will help to use rooms more wisely. Giving you a sense of freedom and enjoyment, as it makes such a difference to how you feel and function within your home.

Saving you time, as you'll know where to find things. Money, as you won't keep buying things you already own. You may even have forgotten that you've already bought certain things or even misplaced them. A good clear-out will create so much space you never thought you had because the clutter was hiding it. Now you can make sure all your rooms can be put to good use and you'll be able to keep it clean and tidy more easily when it's organised.

Clothes and Shoes

Clothes and shoes are probably the number one items purchased throughout the entire year. Children grow out of clothes fast and they may need to be replaced often. Some adults also like to buy a lot of new clothes and shoes on a regular basis. Whether it's for fashion purposes, desperately needed or they just can't help themselves and are basically shopaholics. If at some point these items are not being used, they tend to take up a lot of space. Clothes, shoes and other stuff can pile up and will need to be sorted to free up space for more important things.

Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Business Workspace

Whether you work from home or have your own premises, organising your space is very important. Organising your office, shop or warehouse logically will help you work more effectively. I can help you divide the space into relevant work areas, set up your filing systems and file a backlog of paperwork for a more productive working environment.

If you need help with a shop layout to attract more customers to your business. I am able to create an action plan to help with product placement. As it is fundamental that your layout and presentation matches the kind of product you sell. Making sure certain items for sale can be seen in specific places for maximum exposure.

Time Management


​As we all only have 24 hours in a day, we have to use these hours wisely to be as productive as possible. So wasting time doing nothing or unneccessary things is not an option for most of us. Many of us live very busy lives, it would be a great idea to plan our day and organise our stuff to create more order. I can help you declutter your mind by helping you take action in getting things in order. Incorporating a daily scheduling, setting reminders, meal planning, meal prepping, creating filing systems and making sure your home and business life functions well for your lifestyle. This will save you time, money and space, while creating new and improved personal habits that will change your life forever.​



Clearing rooms of unwanted clutter, preparing surfaces and cupboards to show prospective viewers. This will help when showing the property to potential buyers, as it would allow them to visualise themselves living there. Plus when its sold you will have already gotten rid of so much unused possessions you'll have less items to transport to your new home. If you need help in planning your rooms in your new home we are also able to assist you. Providing more assistance by helping you with the unpacking, will help you make a smoother transition into your new home. So that you're off to an amazing start of a new chapter of your life quickly. Without having to search for your stuff as it will be in  a logical order for easy access.

Loft, Attic or Basement

Possessions that you have accumulated over the years in your attic or basement may now be worth quite a bit of money, if you were to sell them and free up some space for things you actually need and use.

Disability, Mobility or Health Issues

For many disabled people and those with health related problems. There are many challenges that they have to face on top of the daily tasks that we all at some point have to take care of. This can have an effect on how organised you are physically and mentally. I can help you create a safe and accessible environment for you to enjoy and maintain more easily. I will provide guidance, advice and a helping hand to develop more confidence and encourage a heightened state of independence. By just being able to access things easily around the home and having a great room layout can make a big difference to how you feel and the way you live your life.

Outside Storage

If you have a chaotic garage or shed I am able to help you organise tools, equipment and other items that you need to use and find them more easily.


During this tough time it may take a while to start to sort through a loved ones possessions but at some point it has to be done. Sometimes it can be best to get someone to help you sort through past memories. This can be quite a difficult time, as no one wants to let go of things a loved one has left behind. I will be as supportive as possible in helping you decide what to do with each item and find the best home for them.


If you have decided to move into a smaller home it is necessary for you to sort out what you need to take with you. As your new home will be smaller, it won't be able to accommodate all of your possessions. I can help you decide what items are most important to you and find a new home for your remaining items.

An Additional Household Member

You may have someone new moving into your home and need help clearing out a room for them to stay in. Or you maybe expecting a baby, which can be quite overwhelming and you need help in planning a new nursery. I can help with decluttering and organising and creating more space for an easy transition. Also if required, contact can be made with our preferred home improvement company to create the perfect room.



Getting ready for the builders to start a project may involve you having to pack away some of your items, move or cover the remaining furniture. You may also need help in putting things away, after the work has finished and this all takes time. Assistance is available to put things in order and take the pressure off you having to do it by yourself. 

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