A fresh start

There are times in life when you're just tired and fed up of the way things are or the way your home looks. You just want a change but you may not want to spend a lot of money or take a lot of time to accomplish a new look. Here are a few easy suggestions:

1. Decide what you really want to achieve

2. Create a plan (this will save to time)

3. Check out what storage items you already have

4. Decide on the best options for storage products you will need to purchase

5. Start with one room at a time

6. Work on one area of a room at a time (to not get confused with where each item originated)

7. Clean as you go (making sure each area is ready to be organised after decluttering)

8. Make mindful decisions when decluttering

9. Declutter (let go of unused and unnecessary items)

10. Organise things with other similar items

11. Place things in the best possible space, so that it can be used when and where you need it

Every project will be different and results will vary but if you do all these things you will definitely see a big change. Also you will find that you are also clearing any clutter from your mind that has been affected by your surroundings.

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