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As we are all different and require a different amount of space to store our possessions, its impossible to say what everyone needs. But one things for certain, if you buy something new you'll always need somewhere in your home to store it. For the majority of Londoners that live in small homes, they have to figure out how to use the space they have in the best way possible.

One of the most important things that needs to be done in order to create more space is to purchase the best storage products and furniture's on the market to keep things neat and tidy. This will give the illusion of having more space around the home, as everything will be organised and in a particular order and mostly out of site. A good option is to choose furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. Also floating shelves help to use the space above our heads to store things that would usually be at floor level. This helps to use the space that would not normally be used and allow you to hold more items in a room without it feeling overcrowded. Also If you buy storage boxes and baskets for shelving units, things would be able to stay together and be easier to find and put away.

Keeping things in order will not only make your life easier but will save you time and energy. The time it takes to search for things will eventually waste your precious time, that could have been used for doing something more important. When things are placed in a specific area, you will find things more easily if they are labelled well.

Not everything can be done in one go but what you can do is place the contents of a drawer or a section of a room into a box or file. Once you've done so, when you get some time take one box or file at a time and go through the contents bit by bit. This will allow for you to make the room you are working on look more organised for the time being until you have time to go through each item. Remember that Rome was not built in a day and it takes time to get things in order and the way you want it.

Lets get things in order.

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