Housework and family duties

We all have to do it and I guess if we left our housework for even a week, our homes may turn into total chaos. First of all we have to eat, drink, wear clothes and live in our homes. If we suddenly decided not the take care of our daily chores. Things would pile up and become a burden in just a few days. Yes I know things can wait for a while as housework will never cease and it just has to be done. Well, we can hire a cleaner, butler, chef and even personal assistant. If we are able to afford them all but for most of us that may not be feasible for us to hire someone on a long term basis.

It frustrates me the amount of times I have to tell my children to tidy up after themselves. I know what you're thinking "your a professional organiser, so why do they not follow in your footsteps" well the answer to that is. They're nothing like me, maybe my youngest who always wants to help me clean. But sometimes it takes more time helping him do the dishes, than it would have if I done it myself. It's great that he wants to help and he really tries to get the job done at only 6 years old. It would be nice if he didn't make such a mess in the first place, but kids will be kids and sometimes the food ends up on the floor. My teenagers are way more challenging and I have to repeat myself countless times. They love to cook and make things but when it comes down to tidying up, they're no where to be found. I have no choice but to nag them into making sure the work is started and keep on at them until it is finished. Otherwise I would have to do it myself and that's not fair is it. Children need to be groomed and shown what is needed for them to survive as adults to live a fulfilling life.

Housework is part of our daily lives and it has to be tackled or it will just pile up. And trust me, it ain't going nowhere fast. Well, over the years my children have improved in using their own initiative when it comes to taking care of themselves and their home. Of course there is still room for improvement and by putting things in place to help them get the housework done makes things more easier for them and myself.

Our families are the most precious things to us. We have no choice but to accept them for who they are. Having a system in place that keeps things in order allows for things to be put away when not in use more easily. We all no that even if we tidy up today we may have to tidy up tomorrow as our homes are lived in. But things can be made more simple and time can be saved if things can be found quickly. Once things are organised it's much easier for them to be put away at the end of the day. Save time, money and space by creating areas within the homes to accommodate everything.

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