Make a change

Well, what can I say about change? I've had to make a substantial amount of changes to my life. The most important change was on myself and the way I think about life and what it has to offer. Up until recently, I've always put limitations on what I think I can achieve and what I think will work for me. I have always stopped myself in my tracks to achieving something I desire due to the fear of failure. The fear of failure and the fear of success scared me as I always thought of what others would think of me. This kept me from accomplishing many of my life dreams because I would always hold back on trying something new. As I would always tell myself "what would people think of me" "that would never work" "I can't do that" "I'm not good enough"

Yes, I was drowning in negative thoughts about what could go wrong instead of visualising the success and working towards my goals. I still need to check myself every so often and analyse my thoughts regularly. As there are many distractions in our daily lives that can take us off track. So you have to constantly remind yourself of what's important in your life and what you want to achieve. Other than motivating ourselves everyday and thinking positively we have to take care of our physical and mental health to become the person you want to be. As I am writing this blog I have to remind myself of all the things I am grateful for. I have to now be who I want to be, by thinking, behaving and feeling the way I would like my life to be. You could call this "fake it until you make it" this only means believing you are already where you want to be and taking daily actions to achieve this. I know this may sound strange and I'm not saying to become arrogant with the biggest ego and think you're better than anyone else. But simply believe in yourself and adapt the mannerisms and attitude of someone that has all they desire and more.

Take small steps to improving your life and you will see things change before your eyes. But you need to be consistent and determined to get back up when you fall. It's all about being persistent and repetitive until eventually it becomes habit. Our minds sometimes lie to us on a regular basis because many things are programmed in our subconscious thoughts. This is what drives us to do many things even before our conscious mind can catch up. So be weary of what you do and question yourself about the reasons behind the thoughts before taking action. It may take time to reprogram your thoughts. This is something I'm personally working on as I write this. As many of the things that are programmed in my mind are from a very young child. So in that sense I have to teach myself again and discard the many negative thoughts I have carried with me over the years

I love what I do and want to do as many of the things my heart desires, I don't want to put a limit on what is possible for me the attain. Material things are not everything but they are important for us to live and enjoy the world and what it has to offer.

Do it now and not later.

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