Being organised is so important!

How organised are you?

Did you know that the average adult tends to waste a lot of time searching for things and this can add up to a few hours a month. Which is around ten minutes a day looking for lost or misplaced items. Everyone may have experienced losing something but some people find this to be the case more often than others. If we want our day to run more smoothly, it is beneficial for us to plan ahead and keep things neat and tidy. If our possessions are kept in order we are more likely to know where things are. This will allow for us to find things more easily and for them to be accessible when we need them.

Its amazing the amount of time we waste searching through papers, boxes, bags and other things over and over again. Just to realise that what you were looking for was there all along and you were just unaware of it. It can be so frustrating and stressful when searching for things that are important and needed quickly, so you overlook things that are right in front of you. Isn't that one of the most annoying things that can happen, by wasting so much of your time that you could have been using for something else. It would be so much easier if we were to just sort through things and categorise them into manageable groups. So all our possessions and work material are easy to find, use and maintain. When ever we need to find things we need a great system in place to make life that much easier. It's not as hard as it sounds to keep things in order, but we must transform our old habits and improve them into new habits in order to keep organised. There is no point in rummaging through things to find lost or misplaced items as this is something we can avoid doing.

Esure Home Insurance carried out a survey of around 3,000 UK adults regarding household items. The study found that four out of ten adults have arguments with their partners over lost or misplaces items.

The most items people said they lost were phones, house keys, car keys, paperwork, sunglasses/spectacles, purse/wallets, lip balm, hair brush, gloves, gloves, clothes, umbrella, books, bank cards, tickets, coat, diary, hat, laptop, car, tablets. Many of these items can be misplaced or lost due to a hectic lifestyle. Where we are so busy that we may overlook things and forget what we're doing. As life can be so busy and we sometimes have other important things on our minds that we tend to be distracted. Some people are constantly searching for things they've lost or misplaced and this takes time out of the day that you could be using for something else as the items usually turn up somewhere eventually.

So if you take the time to organise some space for where possessions should be placed within the home and office. Time will be saved and important items will be easily accessible. Many people know that untidiness and poor memory lead to them losing track of items. This is where being more organised would help you a great deal.

In the book "When the game is over it all comes back in the box", Ortberg (2007) it claims that the average person wastes about a year of their lifetime looking for lost possessions. Sometimes it maybe that you look for the same things daily, without realising it. An organised life can be a fulfilling life as we get to spend more time doing the things we need and want to do. So instead of wasting time searching for things that should be kept in a regular place, a home to be precise. We can spend some time, when possible getting things in order and create a system that works for us.

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