Real friends

This is a subject that I feel strongly about, because I think having a genuine friend there for you is really important as no man is an island. But how can you tell if your friends want the best for you? Well sometimes the only way to really know is through life experiences. We only know our true friends through situations that occur and their true colours are revealed. Whether it's a good or bad situation, fake friends will show you who they really are eventually and believe me when they do please believe them. Some friends are only around you during the good times and some during the bad times. We would think that the friends that stay by are side during the bad times are our true friends but some people feel better with themselves when your not doing as well as they are. Some people just love to see you suffer but pretend to care about you. I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth and we need to check ourselves and the people we entertain in our lives. Sometimes it's best to have a few genuine friends than many fake ones.

Success can sometimes make others jealous of you but remember this, everyone has their time and we should never compare ourselves with anyone. We all can shine and make an impact on the world. We are all born equal with the same number of hours in a day but everyone chooses to use their time differently. In no way am I perfect, I have not used all my time wisely. But that does not mean things can not change for the better if I really want it to. Let's be honest, life does not always go the way we plan but we all have a choice with how we react to each situation.

So, how will you recognise a real friend when you see them? remember if your friend really cares for you they will want the best for you. They should not be in competition with you for no reason at all unless you are both motivating each other to do better. You are definitely not a good friend if you wish the worst for your so-called friend. The best thing to do when you realise your friend doesn't have your best interests at heart is to depart as friends. But remember to remove the negative energy and just be happy that you know better now.

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