Are you appreciated? Do you think you're appreciated? I've been thinking about this for a while now and I've come to the conclusion that not everyone will appreciate your efforts. It basically comes down to everyone having their own ideas of what is important and what they believe is special. I believe that once someone has deviated from their daily schedule, routine or have taken the time out of their day to help someone else. That alone should be appreciated as they never had to do so.

Appreciation is when you are thankful for something or someone that has made an impact to your life in one way or another. Just the smallest thing can make such a big difference to your life. But sometimes many of us forget to be thankful for those things and they seem to be overlooked. Things like, someone genuinely checking up on you to see if your okay or taking time out of their day to bring you somewhere you need to go. Yes big things are also important but just because someone has spent a great amount of money on you doesn't mean their heart was in the right place when they decided to treat you. I don't mean money is not important, it definitely is of importance as you get to do what you want and go where you want. But don't let it blind your vision, as the how and why is people do things reflects their true intentions.

Let's really show love to the people that love us and to the strangers we've just met. Why not? as caring for people is not a bad thing, it shows compassion and empathy, which many of us seem to be lacking. Maybe it's our busy lives, social media or some of us just couldn't care less about other people. I know one thing for sure, we are all the same human beings but we're individually unique. Their is no one on this planet exactly the same as you and we need to embrace that. We should never compare ourselves with anyone else. Love who we really are and spread love to everyone we come into contact with.

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