Smart meters

Something strange happened to me recently which, involved me being told that smart meters are being forcefully implemented into homes across the UK. What happened was, my electricity cut out. I simply thought it was because I used a pre-payment meter and it had run out of money. But then it came back on again two minutes later, so I checked the metre and the display had stopped working. So, I decided to check the fuse box and flip a few switches. Then I thought maybe it was just a power cut and decided to give my electricity supplier a call.

I eventually managed to get hold of someone to help me with my problem. As I also needed to find out how much money I had on the meter before it cuts out again. Well, the lady from the customer service department booked an engineer visit for me. When the engineer finally arrived, he took a look at the meter and told me it needed to be replaced with a smart meter. So I asked him to repeat what he had just said and yes I was hearing correctly. The job he was sent to do at my property was to install a new smart meter. Which I point blank refused on many occasions before and still refuse to have one now. Okay, so the engineer also explained to me that the new procedure with all UK energy companies is to automatically replace standard meters with smart meters once they have stopped working. Well I refused to be forced into installing a smart meter into my home but I still needed electricity. I new that if this is the only option for me, I would have to take the smart meter and settle with being forced into getting one.

Nevertheless, I new I needed to know how much electricity was actually still on the meter as I had forgotten. So once the engineer had left my home I called the company back and was on hold for half an hour before being able to talk to a customer service representative. When I finally got through to someone, I was basically told the same thing that it's a new procedure that once a standard meter is no longer working it is replaced with a smart meter. So I insisted that I did not want a smart meter and basically asked what's so smart about it. To be honest the gentlemen was understanding as he said his mother doesn't want one either. He then checked a few things and put me on hold after telling me he would see what he could do. So he finally got back to me with the option of waiting for two weeks for a like for like meter to be installed. As engineers now only carry smart meters in their van and my meter would have to be ordered.

This is what is happening in the UK at the moment, we are being told that we must accept smart meters into our homes. But don't be discouraged, stand your ground and the energy companies would have to find a way to assist your requests without forcing you into accepting a smart meter if you don't actually want one. Well after a couple months of missed appointments, my meter started working again. I couldn't believe it myself but that's what happened and then something crazy happened. The entire block of flats experienced a power cut and we had no electricity for nearly half a day. I first thought that is was my meter that had stopped working, so I called the energy supplier and they sent out an engineer. Even though I had an upcoming appointment for a new meter to be installed. Well, what happened on that day made me believe that anything is possible. Because as I refused to accept the smart meter, I waited at home on so many occasions for the engineer to come and install the standard meter to only be disappointed by them not turning up at all or not having a standard meter in their vans. I was pleasantly surprised as this time the engineer arrived and asked me what the problem was and to my surprise on this occasion he had one standard meter in his van that everyone said was no longer available. Wow I was so overwhelmed that after months of being let down, I was finally getting a like for like meter installed. I never wanted a smart meter because of my own reasons. I insisted on them finding a meter and was told "sorry this is no longer possible as they are not making any more standard meters. I believed that somehow I would get what I asked for. I was told on many occasions that it may not be possible but I believed it was.

The moral of the story is that if you believe in something with passion and emotion, anything is possible, even when you are told no over and over again.

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