The vacuum effect

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Over the last few years I have realised that life and the universe are entwined and the things that we think we missed out on are often the things that are not meant for us. I find that when I have been disappointed with something, for example not getting the job I wanted. Something better is in store for us but it has not made an appearance as yet. We all have a path to take and choices to make that leads us to the next part of the puzzle.

It feels so strange when you put something out into the universe and not putting any expectation out there, but you know things will happen eventually. Then out of the blue, the unexpected happens and you remember when your visualised it happening. We are all creators and sometimes we forget how powerful we are. I am always very sceptical, so if I'm telling you all things are possible please believe me. I've been in some terrible situations where I believed there would be no way out but over time things worked out the way they were meant to. It's not always what you thought you wanted and needed that happens. Sometimes some things are meant to pass us by because they are not meant for us.

We all can feel good and bad energy but sometimes we choose not to recognise these feelings. I'm not sure why we often choose not to follow our instincts but usually our first feelings are usually there for a reason. Ever to worn us of danger or to point us in the right direction and we choose to question it and the logics surrounding these thoughts. I have had many situation where I have decided not to follow my intuition and have then realised that the thoughts were there for a reason. Many times when I have followed my first thoughts, I realised instantly that I needed to do exactly that. It seems weird at first because you wonder how did I know that. But now I know that the mind is very powerful, I shouldn't question myself and just do it. As long as it is not dangerous to myself and to others around me, it's best to take the risk.

Everyday I have negative thoughts but I refuse to let those thoughts take over my life. So I intentionally promote positive thinking no matter how my day is going. Mastering total control of my destiny is not easy but I have to accept what is and fight for what will be and believe that the universe is working with me and not against me.

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