Who can we trust

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

In a world where anything can happen, most of the time it does. We sometimes forget that there are evil and disturbed individuals amongst us, wolves dressed in sheep's clothing. We tend to trust the people that are influential, rich or famous because we idolise these people as if they can't do anything wrong.

For the past couple of months, most of us are aware of the R Kelly story that has been circulating in regards to his situation. Also many of us may have seen the documentary regarding the singer entitled Surviving R Kelly. The documentary was based on the allegations of sexual assault, physical abuse and kidnapping. This is nothing new, as Robert Kelly has been in the media for decades regarding many cases of child rape. He was found not guilty so far but many women have come forward to tell their story. Even though many of us new of the case with the young lady that he urinated on and had sex with at the tender age of fourteen. We still made excuses for him and carried on listening to his music as we may have believed that many of these young girls were throwing themselves at him. Even when the evidence comes directly from a video tape that got leaked and released to the media. The power of having money and paying people off comes into play and many of those that were around him at the time kept their mouths shut.

I believe he thinks he is untouchable and money can buy anything. To be honest he has done pretty well in avoiding facing justice for the crimes he has has allegedly committed by manipulating people as best as he could. His music is great and most of his songs will be remembered as some of the best songs ever written. He is a musical genius and it is hard to deny that it will be remembered for many years to come. We all dismissed his actions because his music shouldn't interfere with his personal life. I think most of us just ignored what he has allegedly been accused of because we just never thought it was as bad as the documentary about him suggested. His music is so versatile and universal that he has mesmerised the entire world with his genius talents.

So my question is; when do we stop listening, watching or reading someone's work?. If their morals and lifestyle are what we might call sickening or disturbing or do we carry on listening to their music? I'm sure there must be a point in everyone's life, when they say enough is enough and stop supporting that person. I personally still love the majority of R Kelly's songs. But now when I listen to them, some of them now have an underlying meaning to them. Maybe because I'm listening more carefully now and certain things he says in his songs sound like he was making a confession. Well thats just my opinion.

Not everything that glistens is gold, so be careful of the type of company you keep. We all make mistakes and things happen but once we realise the truth, we need to put a stop to the negative behaviour. Sometimes it's easier to say than do, but the most difficult or scariest things we do turn out to be the most rewarding. We all know that not everyone tells the truth but we are the ones that have a choice and can decide what to do. If you feel that something maybe wrong you can always challenge that feeling or at least remember to ask questions.

There are still great people in this world that are genuine. So don't tarnish everyone with the same brush. Always put your trust in yourself and remember we create our own destiny. So if someone's energy is off, It's best to trust that feeling. Trust me I know.

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