​Service rates

Declutter and Organising Session: £35 per hour - Includes free consultation video call, free in person consultation within central London (30 min journey time from North London), travel of up to 1 hour to the property, advice, decluttering, organising, cleaning, rearrange furniture, handywoman services, cleaning products, assistance with sales of items, disposal of rubbish into clients bins, recycling (sourcing rubbish collection or skip hire at an additional charge from an external company) and charity shop drop offs - if deep cleaning is needed or additional storage solution products are needed, an additional cost will be added to the invoice.

Basic handywoman Services: Included in a declutter and organise session

General Cleaning: price starts from £15 per hour (price depends on the type of cleaning)


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: price starts from £60 (depends on size and material)

Online Declutter and Organising Sessions: £25 per hour


Room Makeovers: price depends on work needed (starts from £40 per hour for decluttering and organising - includes cleaning, space planning, sourcing and buying items and furniture - Decorating, material costs and furniture essembly excluded)

Relocation Service: £35 per hour (services are tailored to the need of the client, moving homes or business premises. Getting things unpacked, cleaned, organised, space planning -room layout, assembling furniture. Relocate with less hassle and have things organised, cleaned and tidied, ready to use) 


Personal Coaching and Mentoring Session: £45 per hour (Includes one-to-one advice, support, guidance, life organising coaching, declutter and organising service, removal of unwanted items*, space planning, personalised long-term action plan and aftercare)

Personal Assistant: £30 per hour (Includes domestic help, home filing reorganisation, assembling furniture, household planning and assistance, room organising for events, reminder service and more)

Retail Service: £40 per hour (includes space planning, product placement, shop layout advice, decluttering, organising)

House Staging: price start from £40 per hour (includes advice and purchasing of furniture and furnishings*, cleaning, organising, space planning and styling)

(minimum 2 hour sessions)


£5 discount per hour for persons receiving state benefits

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm (later hours are available)

An additional £5 per hour above the standard rate will be charged for any late evenings (after 8 pm), Night Work, Sundays and Bank Holidays (available on Saturdays at usual rates) - please ask for more information


*The removal of unwanted items are included in a session but will depend on the amount of rubbish that needs to be discarded. If what needs to be discarded includes furniture and other large items, it will need to be taken to the local dump for disposal and this will include an additional charge. Rubbish collection can also be arranged through your local Authority for a fee. Unless in receipt of housing benefit, then it is free of charge for a certain amount of items, it depends on the borough.

*Discount excludes Sunday, Bank holiday, Evening, Night Work and Online Sessions.

*A deposit of £35 may need to be paid before a declutter and organise session begins. A minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice is required (otherwise the deposit maybe forfeited) Clients will be informed of any changes to an appointment before a session is due to begin.

*If you believe that you would just like some assistance and it will not last more than an hour feel free to ask, if possible a revised price will be decided.

*Home Staging - starts at £35 per hour, price depends on the size and location of the property

A project maybe cancelled or suspended, if Rebecca or the client is not satisfied with the direction the project is heading. If work has already begun, then the outstanding balance will be due and any deposits paid will be refunded

Folding Clothes
Topview of Folded Scarves
Wooden Book Shelves
White office organization
Organized Desk

Corporate Organising Services

Help is available to increase space and eliminate inefficiencies within storage systems, desks, cubicles and the entire office. Even though the world is full of computers that can store a great deal of information, there is still a need for paper files and it has to be kept in good order.

In addition to providing office solutions, advice and tips I offer the opportunity to work on a one-to-one bases with employees to help them with organising of their workload and time management. By finding any problems they're facing and providing on the spot solutions. Working closely with employees to help them declutter and organise their desk space and files. I can also help employees design and operate a system that works well for them and that they can stick to.


Office Declutter

Assistance with office clear-outs, clearing clutter throughout all departments or the entire building. Ensuring that all important documents, files, CD's, DVD's, USB etc. are filed properly. Helping with the clearing of clutter in all areas and reorganising storage cabinets, shelves, cupboards and checking that all files are labelled correctly. In addition, we can declutter digital files that are no longer needed and sort them into a better system that is easy use and monitor.


Office Set Up

Set up an office, ready for it's new tenants to settle in with ease. Create a well thought out office layout that is simple to maintain and one that will function well with any tenant. 


Relocation Service

This service is to provide a smooth transition from one location to another. With the specific goal of getting you decluttered before the big move to your new offices. Helping you decide what to bring along with you and what you need to leave behind. Helping you to move as stress free as possible, saving you from moving with excess luggage. Whether you are moving abroad, downsizing, moving to larger premises or moving locally. I will provide as much support and assistance as needed.

Once you have relocated I can assist with the office layout and unpacking, then get your new office set up for you. Making sure that desks, storage units and filing cabinets are organised before employees arrive and business proceeds.

Prices: £45 per hour 

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