We all need a helping hand sometimes to get things finished or to even to get things started. It's good to know what you can do to make organising your things more easier. So I've put together some simple tips to help you.


  • Before you can organise anything you need to clear the space entirely to see what you have and the space you are working with


  • Separate as many things as possible into different categories while you're clearing the room to save you time. So when you're putting things back into it's preferred place you will find them bunched together.


  • Make sure you have the necessary boxes, containers or bags to store things.


  • Buy storage units that will hold a good amount of your items to keep things neat and tidy.


  • When clearing a room out why not clean as you go, so that you can place the necessary items back into a clean room.


  • Always have a rubbish bag, cleaning wipes, cloths and a spare bag to store items that are not yet complete until you find the missing piece.


  • Keep a bag just for missing pairs of socks, so you can pair them together when they're found.


  • Make sure you put the things you use the least at the back of the room or up high on shelves and the things you use most in a more convenient location. so you'll have easy access to them when needed.


  • If you're sorting out a cupboard and you have enough time it would be a good idea to add more shelves or rails or both to be able to store more things. 



Okay, so that was just some quick tips and I hope it helps to to clear that clutter 


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